Sunday, September 30, 2012

Utila Island

When I came to Roatan in May, I planned to stay for 2 weeks.  One week on Roatan island and the other on Utila island.  That never happened, as most things go when you try and plan on an island. I was having too much fun and making new friends every day.  Leaving just seemed unimaginable.

So last week, when a few friends mentioned Utila for the weekend, I didn't have to think too long about joining them for a few days.  We set out on a catamaran Friday at noon, and sailed across the 'bay' for 3.5 hours.  The water is very beautiful and calm.  An easy cruise to relax and visit.  Randy, an islander whom I met last time I stayed and his cousins were with the group.  Erin, a girl from Calgary, traveling solo to dive the islands for a couple of week is the one who convinced me to go.  Matt from New Orleans was also on the boat.  He is in Roatan for a month interning at Clinic Esperanza, during his residency roation to become a doctor in the states.

Utila is much smaller than Roatan, and much less inhabited in addition to its smaller size.  There is one main road that runs through town, which scooters, tuk tuks, motorycles and golf carts fly up and down all day long.  There are very, very few vehicles on the island.  The airport consists of a man, sitting in a golf cart on the runway, who writes your name and passport # down as you get off the plane.

Erin and I dove the next day, a two tank dive at Black Coral Wall and Jack Neil Beach.  The diving is a bit different over there, and I think there was a lot more varieties of coral in many, many colors.  It was amazing, I loved both dives.

Utila is also famous for spotting the whale shark during migration, which forced me to finally give my new underwater Go Pro a try.  Although it requires a red filter in order to truly reveal the colors you see under water, I will pick one up when I got home to visit, unless by some off chance there is one on the island somewhere...

Angel fish
More later.  Erin and I are headed to snorkel at the reef in West Bay.  Miss everyone so much.  Send me emails and Skype requests so we can keep in touch!!!!


  1. Not sure how much longer I can stand living vicariously through you.....your dad and I need to sit down and plan a trip!!!!

  2. Really cool sarah! Glad you are getting to dive more often.