Sunday, September 30, 2012

Utila Island

When I came to Roatan in May, I planned to stay for 2 weeks.  One week on Roatan island and the other on Utila island.  That never happened, as most things go when you try and plan on an island. I was having too much fun and making new friends every day.  Leaving just seemed unimaginable.

So last week, when a few friends mentioned Utila for the weekend, I didn't have to think too long about joining them for a few days.  We set out on a catamaran Friday at noon, and sailed across the 'bay' for 3.5 hours.  The water is very beautiful and calm.  An easy cruise to relax and visit.  Randy, an islander whom I met last time I stayed and his cousins were with the group.  Erin, a girl from Calgary, traveling solo to dive the islands for a couple of week is the one who convinced me to go.  Matt from New Orleans was also on the boat.  He is in Roatan for a month interning at Clinic Esperanza, during his residency roation to become a doctor in the states.

Utila is much smaller than Roatan, and much less inhabited in addition to its smaller size.  There is one main road that runs through town, which scooters, tuk tuks, motorycles and golf carts fly up and down all day long.  There are very, very few vehicles on the island.  The airport consists of a man, sitting in a golf cart on the runway, who writes your name and passport # down as you get off the plane.

Erin and I dove the next day, a two tank dive at Black Coral Wall and Jack Neil Beach.  The diving is a bit different over there, and I think there was a lot more varieties of coral in many, many colors.  It was amazing, I loved both dives.

Utila is also famous for spotting the whale shark during migration, which forced me to finally give my new underwater Go Pro a try.  Although it requires a red filter in order to truly reveal the colors you see under water, I will pick one up when I got home to visit, unless by some off chance there is one on the island somewhere...

Angel fish
More later.  Erin and I are headed to snorkel at the reef in West Bay.  Miss everyone so much.  Send me emails and Skype requests so we can keep in touch!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

His name is Milton...

And he is the Banana Doughnut Man!!!

I told him how much I love his 'song'.  So he 'sings' to 'me' whenever I see see him (which is probably every other day, ha ha)

Monday, September 24, 2012

Camp Chef

Well, after 7 nights of bean & cheese baleadas, wheat thins with orange marmelade or beer for dinner, I decided it was probably time to lay low, and stay in and cook, like grown up 31 year olds do...

Everywhere I travel, I somehow end up finding a creative way to create something similar to Eggplant Parmesan.  This has been happening for a few years now.  Until now, I've had toaster ovens to work with, which are quite handy!  At this new place, it's a microwave and a propane burner.  Take your pick! 

I've never really pan fried anything before, and clearly I've never cooked breaded eggplant in a pan!  After a few trial runs, I managed to produce a) a smoky kitchen  b) an edible creation, which in fact, was quite tasty!  Alex even stopped by and ate the leftovers! ha ha.


I'll need to work on the presentation a bit more next time...

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Yep, home made, Banana Doughnuts.  I haven't tried one yet, but I love this old man walking around carrying a box on his head, singing BA-NA-NAA DOUUUGHNUUUTS, in his Caribbean accent :)

Things are coming along... slowly... which is how things work on the island.  Slowly.   I've been here for 4 days, and have covered a lot of territory, met a ton of people, discovered a couple tricks of the trade, but it's all taken about 7 times longer than it would back home.  It's ok though, I've got time.

Monday we visited some of the resorts toward the other side of the island.  Coco View is a world renound dive resort, whose guests back been coming back month after month, and year after year.  To get to Coco View Resort, you must park and take a small motorized boat across a lagoon.  When you arrive, you'll most certainly be greeted by the dive shop dogs, Pancho and Dino.  The rooms are all either overlooking the water, just a few steps away, or are built over the water.  The grounds are neatly kept, clean and simple.  It's very quiet here.  A good place to hear yourself think.

Pancho is the Yellow Retriever, Dino is the Chihuahua puppy

Mitch, the resort manager, taking us across the lagoon from the resort back to the parking area.


One of the rooms @ Coco View Resort

Next we wandered up some windy roads through the jungle to visit another breathtaking resort, Pametto Bay Plantation.  The Owner was the Architect for the Balinese influenced property.  It's truly breathtaking.  We arrived at dusk, so I'll be returning soon to get a better idea of what it looks like during the day, shoot more pics and tour the houses (They sell the houses, and then rent them out when the owner is not staying in them, and split the proceeds).

This resort is a popular destination wedding site and also a scuba diving resort.  The best part: they like to rock country music in the lobby and lounge area!



Hey all!  I've got a phone now so we can text!  Download whatsapp and text me @ 504 9779 8045
Make sure to identify yourself in the message :-)


Monday, September 17, 2012

I live behind a bar called 'The Wet Spot'

Ha ha!  It's true!  In fact, my neighbor/landlord is the bartender at 'The Wet Spot'.

I arrived on time from Houston yesterday afternoon, at 2:45. (well, at the time I wrote this.  It's taken a few tries to upload these pics)  For those of you who I told I would leave Portland at 6 and be on the Island by 1, I lied.  I left Portland at 6 am and was in HOUSTON at 1, and on to the island at 2:45.  Oops ;)

I was fortunate enough to encounter 2 things at the airport; 1) a giant cart to fit my 3 suitcases and 1 rubbermaid container on  2) A very nice dude name 'Teo'  (short for Matteo, though his given name is simply Matthew), who arranged for his friend who was picking him up, to pick me up as well, and save me a $25 cab ride, and gave me 2 new friends.  They dropped me right in front of... The Wet Spot, where I met Mandy to show me the place. 

For those of you who don't already know, the apartment was a bit of a mystery, because I had only seen 3 pictures of it.  The bedroom, kitchen and porch.  I was very happy when Mandy took me down the long pathway off the main drag, past a few other houses, to ours.  The place is nice, and very clean.  There are security lights and bars on the windows, plus a few deadbolts which  I appreciate.


This 'living room'

This self portrait of me is intended to show just how hot and sweaty I am, but I think it just makes me look like I have freakishly long arms

Saturday, September 15, 2012

First leg...

Well, I've arrived at PDX. This is truly an accomplishment, because it required getting up at 3:30 am. Yuck.

There was certainly some jockeying of luggage, one was at 55 lbs and the other 53. 50 is the limit... I got things moved around to where they each weighed exactly 50 each! And yes, of course I have a third suitcase.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

They went to the chapel...

The weekend was festive & fun filled.  Most importantly, it was full of lots and lots of love.

Shanyn & Dustin finally 'tied the knot' Saturday!  I couldn't be happier for these friends, they are perfect for each other.  It was an pleasure and an honor to be a part of the group who stood with them as they exchanged vows and said 'I do's'. 

The wedding took place at her Dad's farm in Aumsville.  The little donkey and her mama welcomed each of the guests as they drove around the dusty dirt road in front of the farm.

The BEST part of the whole weekend (besides the dog, Calvin, laying in the middle of the aisle during the processional) was when Dustin let me keep his coveted 'Cutest Baby of the Year - 1986' trophy in my guest room for the weekend.  Thanks D, you're the best, I owe you one!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

K.I.T. (Keep in touch!!)

Well if you are reading this, you already have my blog address.

Other important ways to communicate!!

This ap costs .99 cents, but after that, you can text to your heart's content, for free.  So quick, before you forget, humor me and download the ap... Whatsapp!

My Skype name is Aquamacy.  Look me up!

My personal email address is  Email me too please ;)

You know how to find me here

Am I forgetting anything?  Just one thing...

Just book it.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Vaya Con Dios

My great grandfather, CP, trademarked this saying for me.  Before he got off the phone with anyone, he would always say vaya con dios ~ Go with God.  Take it how you like.  It means different things to different people I think.  For me, it's a way of saying farewell. Take care of yourself.  Be a good soul.  Pay it forward.  Take the the high road.

Yesterday my dearest family and friends gathered in a beautiful park along the river, under the most amazing steel suspension bridge, to share stories and good food, friends, laughs and goodbyes.

I cannot put into words how much I love these people.  Even though I only spent a few moments with each of them, some not even that, having all of them there together, with me, was the BEST GIFT I could ever receive.  The people that I share my life with are such a beautiful, kind, thoughtful, loyal, creative, entertaining bunch.  All of these people together are the sole reason I have such a rich and blessed  life.

It was fun to look around and see all of the different phases of my life I have shared with the guests spread across the lawn.  Aunts and Uncles, Moms, Dads, Childhood friends, Rodeo family, Co workers, Jr High friends, Neighbors and a few from somewhere along the way.

So, to all of you, who are a part of me, no matter how you interpret it, or what it means to you, just remember one thing ~ Vaya con Dios.