Wednesday, September 12, 2012

They went to the chapel...

The weekend was festive & fun filled.  Most importantly, it was full of lots and lots of love.

Shanyn & Dustin finally 'tied the knot' Saturday!  I couldn't be happier for these friends, they are perfect for each other.  It was an pleasure and an honor to be a part of the group who stood with them as they exchanged vows and said 'I do's'. 

The wedding took place at her Dad's farm in Aumsville.  The little donkey and her mama welcomed each of the guests as they drove around the dusty dirt road in front of the farm.

The BEST part of the whole weekend (besides the dog, Calvin, laying in the middle of the aisle during the processional) was when Dustin let me keep his coveted 'Cutest Baby of the Year - 1986' trophy in my guest room for the weekend.  Thanks D, you're the best, I owe you one!

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