Thursday, September 20, 2012


Yep, home made, Banana Doughnuts.  I haven't tried one yet, but I love this old man walking around carrying a box on his head, singing BA-NA-NAA DOUUUGHNUUUTS, in his Caribbean accent :)

Things are coming along... slowly... which is how things work on the island.  Slowly.   I've been here for 4 days, and have covered a lot of territory, met a ton of people, discovered a couple tricks of the trade, but it's all taken about 7 times longer than it would back home.  It's ok though, I've got time.

Monday we visited some of the resorts toward the other side of the island.  Coco View is a world renound dive resort, whose guests back been coming back month after month, and year after year.  To get to Coco View Resort, you must park and take a small motorized boat across a lagoon.  When you arrive, you'll most certainly be greeted by the dive shop dogs, Pancho and Dino.  The rooms are all either overlooking the water, just a few steps away, or are built over the water.  The grounds are neatly kept, clean and simple.  It's very quiet here.  A good place to hear yourself think.

Pancho is the Yellow Retriever, Dino is the Chihuahua puppy

Mitch, the resort manager, taking us across the lagoon from the resort back to the parking area.


One of the rooms @ Coco View Resort

Next we wandered up some windy roads through the jungle to visit another breathtaking resort, Pametto Bay Plantation.  The Owner was the Architect for the Balinese influenced property.  It's truly breathtaking.  We arrived at dusk, so I'll be returning soon to get a better idea of what it looks like during the day, shoot more pics and tour the houses (They sell the houses, and then rent them out when the owner is not staying in them, and split the proceeds).

This resort is a popular destination wedding site and also a scuba diving resort.  The best part: they like to rock country music in the lobby and lounge area!


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