Wednesday, November 14, 2012

As of late...

I haven't written much lately, I often take pics intended for the blog (specifically of my creative kitchen skills), and then never get around to posting them.

Aside from eternal picture taking, I've been working a lot, between the 2 jobs.  Sloooooooowwww internet connection makes work much more time consuming than it should be.  Hopefully this is not a permanent thing.  I try either dive or swim every day.  I don't always succeed, especially now that we are 2 hours ahead of my employers.  When I'm ready to be done for the day, they're just getting back from lunch!  It has its perks too though.  When I wake up at 9, most of them aren't in the office yet.

The weather right now is crazy.  Lots of rain, which brings some comfort.  Sometimes sun, which seems to appear about the time people have given in, and decided to weather the storm and go out anyway.  Ha ha!  I brought a lightweight rain coat with me, and am VERY glad I did.  I love it, it comes in handy this time of year.  No hurricanes have come even remotely close to us.  They say the rain stops about the first of the year.  I'm trying to appreicate it as much as I can, because it's going to be a loooonnnggg HOT summer.

Next week is Thanksgiving.  There are so many expats here, it's celebrated all over the island.  I have a couple of opportunities to spend the holiday with friends here and there.  I'm sure it will be a great time, wherever I end up!

Enough rambling.  Random pics, in perfectly random order!

The prettiest little girl

Kids from a local school came to CoCo View to perform traditional dancing

Loved watching them!

Darell (L) from Seattle and Marcos (R) from Honduras, looking for the owner of this T shirt they found at the bottom of the ocean on their morning dive. 

Same feeder, new guest.

This cute little guy was in my place the other night.  My neighbor probably thought I was crazy when she walked by and saw me crouched down, photgrpahing the wall next to my front door!

He is less than an inch long.  He was soooooo tiny!

I couldn't get anything next to him without scaring him away, to depict size, and explain just how tiny he was.  But this helps, wine cork board in the foreground.  Scared little gecko in the background.
This is Elwood.  He belongs to my neighbor, but prefers my rug for some reason.

Elwood can't be bothered by silly things, like moving when a door opens into him.

Yep!  It's true.  Toaster over cooking, at it's finest.  Not too shabby!

Storm rolling in today

I spent a little while trying to figure out what kind of milk this was.  Vanilla was my guess.  Until the cashier asked me if I liked Oatmeal.  Ok, so now it's Vanilla Oatmeal...??

By the time I got home, it had magically translated itself!  Orrrr, it's in English on the other side!
Alex, waiting for the rain shower to pass.

Currently, my 'desk'.  and my 'work attire', ha ha

Another friendly Gecko, eatin the bugs!

It never gets old

More tasty treats.  All of my fruit & veggies come off the produce truck in town.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

19 Lempiras = 1 Dollar

Lots of people ask if it's cheap to live in Honduras, and how much 'things cost'.

There is no simple way to answer that question, ESPECIALLY given the fact we are on an island, in a third world country.  Things on the island come with a price. You have to consider the fact that almost everything that is here, is imported by boat.It's always a surprise as to how much something is going to cost, due to the fact it's almost 100% import. 

There really is not much production here, aside from a few small vendors; the farm that grows vegetables and herbs supplies all the market's lettuce, the man who makes Rum called Pirate's Grog, the women who cook in their home kitchen and backyard ovens to sell to people on the street, Marble Hill farm who makes marmelades and jellies.  The other day, I bought home made honey in the store, that was bottled in a recycled Rum bottle.  I learned that way to tell if it's pure, and the slower the bubble rises when you hold it upside down, the better quality it is... Talk about buying local!  ha ha

So let's see here; 
5 gallon jug of water 35 lps or $1.20
1 pineapple 30 lps or $1.10
Decent pillow, set of (2)  500 lps or $25
Taxi to the grocery store 40 lps or $2
Bottle of  wine 160 lps or $8
Beer (Local) $2
Cocktail $3
Box of cereal, depends on brand 35-120 lps  or $1.25 - $7
4 Chicken breasts 200 LPS or $10
Pkg of sliced swiss 115 lps or $6
Internet 500 lps/month or $25
Cell phone seems to vary, depending on how often you make calls, which carrier you are calling to or recieving from, etc.  Calls to the states cost me about 4-5 cents/min
Scuba Dive + gear rental between average is around $30/dive with gear
Smoothie $  Yummmmmm  $  who cares!

Rent (1 bedroom basic kitchen & bathroom) $375, includes electricity which is big

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Shipping Address Update

Here's the address for shipping. 

Please make sure to include my phone # & email. 
I am not sure how the system works once the pkg arrives, either I go check with them to see if it's here, or hopefully they will call me.

The cost for me to pickup the package is $4/lb, which covers transport from FL to Roatan and taxes/customs.

(504) 9779-8045 (8 digit phone #)

RAS-600 Sarah Henke
1454 NW 78th ave
Doral, FL 33126