Monday, September 17, 2012

I live behind a bar called 'The Wet Spot'

Ha ha!  It's true!  In fact, my neighbor/landlord is the bartender at 'The Wet Spot'.

I arrived on time from Houston yesterday afternoon, at 2:45. (well, at the time I wrote this.  It's taken a few tries to upload these pics)  For those of you who I told I would leave Portland at 6 and be on the Island by 1, I lied.  I left Portland at 6 am and was in HOUSTON at 1, and on to the island at 2:45.  Oops ;)

I was fortunate enough to encounter 2 things at the airport; 1) a giant cart to fit my 3 suitcases and 1 rubbermaid container on  2) A very nice dude name 'Teo'  (short for Matteo, though his given name is simply Matthew), who arranged for his friend who was picking him up, to pick me up as well, and save me a $25 cab ride, and gave me 2 new friends.  They dropped me right in front of... The Wet Spot, where I met Mandy to show me the place. 

For those of you who don't already know, the apartment was a bit of a mystery, because I had only seen 3 pictures of it.  The bedroom, kitchen and porch.  I was very happy when Mandy took me down the long pathway off the main drag, past a few other houses, to ours.  The place is nice, and very clean.  There are security lights and bars on the windows, plus a few deadbolts which  I appreciate.


This 'living room'

This self portrait of me is intended to show just how hot and sweaty I am, but I think it just makes me look like I have freakishly long arms

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  1. So glad you are pleased with your "digs" - you're smiling so that's a good sign!