The Bucket

Everyone's got one.  Mine has just never made it to written form.  Until now...

  • Live in a tropical paradise - CHECK!
  • Dive with sharks - ch ch ch CHECK!
  • Visit the French Riviera
  • Explore more of my European list... It's a long one
  • Live in a big city other than Portland
  • Live in Portland again
  • Perfect my underwater photography
  • Learn a 2nd language
  • Ride in a helicopter - CHECK!
  • Take a hot air balloon ride... anywhere
  • Get contacts
  • Learn to ride a motorcycle
  • Roadtrip internationally; on a motorcyle
  • Start my own business - CHECK!
  • Learn to sail
  • Find where I left my memory
  • Visit Southeast Asia - CHECK!
  • Marry
  • Dive Komodo
  • Volunteer regularly
  • Learn to dance
  • Trust my gut. Every time. - 99.99% check?
  • Get to Antigua, Guatemala while I'm here  CHECK!
  • Swim with a Whale Shark - CHECK!
  • Own a Mustang from the 60's
  • Drive across the US, at least once 
  • Get my Advanced Dive Certification - CHECK!
  • Get my Rescue Dive Certification- CHECK!
  • Become a Dive Master - CHECK!
  • Dive Galapagos
  • Camp in Yosemite
  • See a country concert at Red Rocks
  • Travel South America
  • To be continued...

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