Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mi Casa es Su Casa

Just before Mom and Kerry left, we moved my things into the house upstairs from where I was living.  I loved sharing the downstairs community patio with Mandy and Sherry, but the little studio apt was just too small to work and live in.  I couldn’t focus on work, it was made of all wood which created an effect similar to a sauna, there was very little day light and hardly any breeze.  I had been feeling claustrophobic and quite cramped for months, and it was time to do something about it.  The upstairs neighbor and I arranged for me to move in as he moved out.  Funny thing is, I had never been in the house upstairs!  I saw 2 or 3 pictures when I was still in the states looking for places to live, but had never visited since my arrival.  So moving day would be the first day I had laid eyes on the interior of the house.  Granted, I’ve lived beneath the house level for 6 months, so I’ve come up with a fairly good idea of how it’s laid.

As it turns out, this house is FRIGGIN HUGE!  Built like a tree house, the entire common area is screened in, leaving the feeling that you’re living with the Berenstain Bears.  It’s awesome!  Both bedrooms and bathrooms have 4 walls, well except the bathroom… ok, I can’t explain it all, so here are some pics to give you an idea.

2nd Bedroom

2nd Bathroom

2nd Bathroom View

Master Bedroom (originally, this was the entire house)

Master Bedroom - SPACE!


Living Room

Hallway between Kitchen and Living Room

Settling in has been a progressive task for many reasons.

1)      I get distracted worse than Nemo’s friend Dory, this is not joke.

2)      Mandy and Sherry (my island mamas) shared lots of belongings with me as they prepared to leave the island after being here 17 years. 

3)      My friend Anna moved in at a moment’s notice with 2 cats she is watching, while she is finishing her job as a dive master and leaving to the states with our friend Torri (who owns the cats, but took an opportunity to sail a catamaran from Rio Dulce Guatemala to Florida)  Don’t laugh, this is the way things go around these parts. 

4)      I think I may actually be overwhelmed by the amount of space and storage.  It’s great!

I’m much happier here, so glad I made the decision to move sans viewing.  I no longer feel like I am going stir crazy, dying of heat or spend most of the day sitting on the bed to work.  I have a real home.  Today I washed linens in the bath tub and hung them on the line out front to dry.  Tonight I hung my painted canvases with me that I bought years ago in Panama and Athens.  I’ve been cooking real meals in my real kitchen… with 6 burners and 2 sinks!  Ahhh, life is grand!


  1. Beautiful!! Can't wait to see it... when's the housewarming? :)

  2. I'm really enjoying it. I'm resisting the urge to go on a shopping spree to decorate! In due time...