Saturday, March 16, 2013

Feeling Lucky?

I am!

Just a few days after my dear Christine left Honduras, on her way to San Fran, via Pdx, my Mom and her husband arrived for their 2 week island adventure.

They arrived early, in addition to the construction crew outside my bedroom window, perhaps the only thing ahead of schedule are the airlines.  A nice, easy 2 1/2 hour flight from Houston and you're here on the island of Roatan.  No ferries, transfers or hopper planes; you're here, 20 minutes from my end of the island.

We met at their lovely little hotel on the ocean, Lands End.  Turns out ALL of their hotel mates were from Portland as well.  What a fluke!  This made for a fun and entertaining reunion.

For the next two weeks, we had a fabulous reunion, a little singing, losing music trivia, a bit of dancing, an unforgettable boat trip to Cayos Cochinos, snorkeling, scuba diving, iguana hunting and island adventure.  The only thing I regret since they've left, is not doing more.  Ha!  Can you imagine that?  Next time, we're going to zipline, talk to the submarine guy, try more local island food stands, hire a panga for fishing and of course movie night on the beach!

Mom and Kerry on the water taxi

Sunset after a phenomenal boat trip

Kerry entering swim thrus at Blue Channel

Kerry and I

Me, Mom and Kerry

Snorkel Buddies!

Visiting Vern's Island for the day

Hawksbill Turtle and Angelfish posing for me

In the midst of all the excitement, I got to move early!!  This couldn't thrill me more, as I have been living the last 6 months <Happy 6 month anniversary to Me!> in a very tiny, dark, hot den.  I struggles focusing on work, and towards the end, even sleeping.  The kitchen was that of a college student, the walls started to close in on me, everything was growing smaller and smaller by the day.

I'm in the house directly above the apt now, and there is so much room, if I didn't already know how thin the floors are, I would do cartwheels through the living room ALL DAY LONG!  I'm beside myself with a full kitchen, giant bedroom, queen size bed, storage for all my crap and a cool breeze passing through the screened in common area.  Currently, I have the space all to myself, which doesn't feel necessary, but is certainly ok by me.  I'm cooking every night!

<Pics to follow>

The house has helped a bit to curb the letdown of my mom returning home.  We are each other's best friends, and it's hard to be so far apart and not see each other 2-3 times a week.  We keep in contact of course, but it's not the same.  You don't often have random conversations about life, love, dogs and spring time over Skype.  It's not easy being away from her, but I'm eternally grateful that she sets aside her feelings of loneliness, an unselfishly supports me with all of her being.  I can only hope I am as gracious and giving someday as my mom is for me.  I'm only lucky daughter. 

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