Sunday, February 24, 2013

Party Hardy, Tardy Tardy

I'm long overdue for a post; yes, this I know.  I actually had a (Long) post drafted and almost complete, and for some reason decided that explaining the reasons why I am here and how I got here are no longer interesting, and simply a thing of the past.

So, that post will go directly to 'archives'; and we'll move on.  Things in the present and future are much more exciting!

This last week, I hosted my first visitor from home.  I was really craving this, a familiar face and familiar friend.  Even though I have lots of those here, it's different.  Everyone here is a new friend or acquaintance.  We're all getting to know each other, and it's fun, it's just not the same as an old friend.

Christine and I had a blast, driving around the island, singing silly songs, exploring long dirt roads, lounging and pools and beach fronts.  We adventured restaurants, monkey farms, cantinas and dance floors.  Lots of laughs were had, and plenty of memories were made.

Sunset at Cal's Cantina

Hotel didn't have a fridge :(

Everyone thinks we're sisters

The day I had food poisoning, going crazy stuck at home!!!

On the ferry to Little French Cay

Ultimate relaxation!

Great relaxing pool day!
Turquoise Bay Resort

I love this girl.  We met one summer evening, when Raylie was a little puppy, and still learning to listen to her mama.  Every time she saw Christine across the street in her driveway, she would tear across the road and jump up on Christine's professional work attire.  I was so embarrassed, and Christine would just laugh.  She likes to do that, I've learned.  Laugh.  It's contagious and refreshing, to have such a positive spirit for a friend.  Over the years, we've shared many adventures, shopping trips, camping trips, wine tasting adventures, pinterest endeavors and goodwill marathons.  Oh, and each others closets!

I was excited to be the one to give Christine a travel bug, as Rondi and Shanyn did for me, many moons ago.  This was her first international experience, and she's already talking about trips to Dubai and Indonesia. 

It's a wide wide world out there, much too large for one to hibernate in the Pacific Northwest all of their lives!

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