Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye knee high boots, beanies and sheep lined slippers

Helloooooo Sunshine!!!

Although my trip wasn't really all that long, I feel like a tourist again! I've sort of forgotten little things like how to charge my internet account, and what days the little market closes. Other things I've fallen right back into, no problem, like where to find the best Beermosa and how to sleep in, errr, get a good night's rest I mean. (well, jet lag is to blame for this one really)

Alex picked me up at the airport, and as always, was astounded by my luggage. He wants to know why rocks are so valuable in Oregon, and what I'm going to do with them all now that I've imported them to the island. I will say, I brought a lot of strange things back with me, but after being here for a few months and getting a feel for what's available, what's expensive, etc. I took advantage of my trip to the states. I returned with strange things, like a smoothie blender, almonds and bug spray.

My bags of 'rocks'  (there's one more not pictured)


I still haven’t unpacked all the way, I’m not sure where to unpack to!  Storage in my place is a little hard to find.  I’m debating getting creative and obtaining a dresser, or relocating to possibly a more ‘domestic’ home.  Until then, today is the day I plan to try and figure out an order to the madness.

Yesterday, New Year’s Eve, I went for my first swim back in the big pond out front.  It was a a little murky from the rain and a little wind that kicked up in the morning, but it didn’t matter much.  The water is a bit cooler right now, probably 79 or 80.  It feels like you’re swimming in a swimming pool!  I swam out to the sail boat anchored in the bay, back to shore and back out again.  Before heading back this time, I stopped to clear my mask (I swim with my mask and snorkel, which is much more helpful swimming in the ocean than goggles I think), and took a minute to gaze around.  The group of children, mostly boys, planning their next rope swing competition off of the sailboat to see who can ‘fly’ the farthest.  The strange submarine docked just above the water, waiting its turn to take out the next visitor.  Kayakers playing in the reef break near the point, and dive boats headed in from the 1 o’clock dive.  The shoreline in the distance, dotted with bright yellow and blue beach chairs and vibrant green and yellow palms, contrasting against the clear blue sky.  All the while, I’m treading water in this beautiful blue ocean, taking it all in.  I am home.
This isn't from yesterday, but to give you and idea of the view from the water

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