Thursday, January 10, 2013

Friendly Reminder...

Dear Sarah,

In case you have forgotten, you live in the jungle.  Spider bites and unexplained skin pigment changes are typical.  I'm sorry you caught a nasty sinus cold in the midst of of it all.  I hope the antibiotics and Selsun Blue shampoo the doctor prescribed for you help with a speedy recovery. 

I know it seems like the bugs have recently become immune to any kind of repllant spray you put on, and even at times attack you in your sleep.  I'm sure this is very frustrating.  Again, you live in the jungle my dear.

In time, with diligence and will power in not drinking while taking this round of antibiotics, you will feel better; provided you don't go crazy first.


Mother Nature

P.S.  Those weren't jelly fish stings you got all over your leg yesterday.  Their jelly fish 'kisses' my dear. They just love you bunches!

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  1. You changed the blog layout - I miss the old one - I'll get over it in time....