Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ah Ha!

Seems like just a couple of days ago we were gazing up at fireworks on the beach, dancing in the sand and cheers-ing one another to the start of a fresh new year.  Now here we are, almost finished with the first month, creeping right into the 2nd.

The start to the new year has been a little tricky for me; as you may have noticed in my last post.  Spider bites, jelly fish, skin disorders, sinus infections, broken refrigerators and broken hearts. 

On the other hand, I've gotten to see and do lots of new things, which have helped me to stay positive and focus on the good things in life, (even if they do bites). 

My friend Krystal picked me up last Sunday, and we snuck over to another part of the island, called French Key.  It's a beautiful and relaxing little island with lots of interesting decor, amongst endless places to sit back and relax.  There's even lounge chairs in the lagoon!  We had a great day, tuning up our tans and chatting about love and life.

The week prior, another friend of mine, Dane, introduced me to an aquaintance from El Salvador whom she works with on a development project on the island.  The 3 of us ventured out to a new little Peruvian restaurant on the island.  It was my first experience trying Peruvian food, and let me tell you, I am a huge fan!  The cuisine was wonderful, with so many flavors and spices, all blended together perfectly, leaving my tastebuds quite content.

I've also been testing out a new camera that I brought back from the states.  The camera has an underwater dive housing, so I can take it everywhere with me, including 70 feet below the sea!  It has been a lot of fun testing all its functions and snapping silly pics underwater of friends, fish, turtles and other sea life.  Someday I hope to get enough experience to work as an underwater photographer for divers.  I've got some work to do, but I'm sure having fun 'working' on it!

I call these 'Ah Ha' moments. 
When things get tough, and I'm fed up with bugs and breaks, taxis and power outages; When the reasons I sacrificed and gave up everything to live on this island begin to fade; Out of the blue, comes an 'Ah Ha' moment.  I'm reminded of all the reasons why I am here.  Beauty, simplicity, peace and tranquility.  Opportunity for new adventures, friends and a chance to make lasting memories.  Improving my quality of life, and who I am, and am not.


  1. Ahhh you guys went to Little French Cay - so pretty! I've only seen it from the dive boat. What did you eat at Entre Pisco y Nazca? I've been to Peru and always wanted to try that restaurant!

    And I can commiserate on the bug bites and all the other crap that comes along with living in West End (I just wrote a post about that yesterday!) Sometimes it's easy to forget that we live in an amazing place... the good days outweigh the bad!

    1. French Cay is really truly beautiful! I can't wait to take my visitors there in the coming months!!

      At the Peruvian restaurant, we had Causa, Papa Saltado and Cebiche (the best!) I'll be taking my guests HERE as well! Maybe we can go to celebrate your homecoming??

    2. Yummmm...we are DEFINITELY going there when I get back!

  2. My beautiful, amazing, wonderful friend... You amaze me constantly! I miss having those life/love talks with you, over many beers/glasses of wine. You continue to impress me with you outlook on life, and your resilience to all that comes your way.

    When any situation gets tough... Always know that you are so much stronger than anything you may think. You inspire me! Always know that you are missed and loved (and I am always a wee-bit jealous)!

    Keep up with the updates. It makes my day ever time!

    1. Wow, thanks for sending all the love my way! I've been thinking about you lately, wish we weren't so far apart. I want to hear how things are going and what's new and exciting, how school is, and the boy. I'm jealous you're going to have my puppy for 2 weeks!! Should be fun; she's so fun!

      I love you girl! Keep kickin butt and takin names!

  3. Josh and I were counting months this morning at breakfast. Can it be you've only been moved 4 months??!? Seems like so much longer. Wish he could come with us in 28 DAYS and swim with the fishes. We are so there.