Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Change is good

Not that I haven't had plenty of change in my life, in the last 5 months, but I've always been a believer that change is good.  Don't get too comfortable and set in your ways.  There is always opportunity for change and improvement!

The last couple of weeks, and the coming couple too, I'll be sampling and testing changes to my blog.  I would love your input, as my step mom has already offered a suggestion to go back to the old font.  It's a bit trying on the eyes though.  I want all of my readers to relax and feel at ease when visiting my page.

Another thing I'd like to ask of you, is that if you are a regular reader, please take a second to sign up as a 'follower' of my blog.  This will allow myself, and others, to see who out there reads my silly little updates!

Thank you so much for your support!

And, you know I can't post without a picture.  It's like sailing the ocean without a sail.  Here you go ;)

Stromboli night with friends. 
Torri, from PA/AZ
Gary is a gypsy with a British accent
Nick from Montreal & Anna from Milan.


  1. I like this font. You are correct, it is much easier on the eyes :-) love it!

  2. Right you are to check it out. Different browsers display fonts however they can. According to the browser, you might just be writing in Comic Sans (gasp!), the font of dorks.

    I think what we readers love the most is the background image, that makes us feel as if we were there with you. Which, of course, is what we want.