Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas in Portlandia

I arrived home the day after originally planned, due to a delayed flight or 2, spent a night in a hotel in Houston and landed just in time for mom and I to swing by the store and head home to meet the family for Christmas.

The Hilton Christmas Tree

When we stopped in Fred Meyer on the way home, it literally took my breath away the moment the doors opened and the flurry of American 'civilization' came blasting out.  The produce department was unbelievable.  The cheese counter had more varieties and blocks of cheese than all of Roatan's stores combined.  The wine selection went on and on and on, shelf after shelf after shelf.  I was in complete shock I hadn't anticipated so early on.  My mental state was on sensory overload.  Too many people and shoppers and options for my little island mind to process.  I wasn't ready for this at all.

I was happy that our only destination for the day was home, to stay inside and be with our family.  Grandma and Grandpa drove over the mountain from Central Oregon, Dad & Barb drove up from Salem and Josh flew up from his new place in Santa Barbara.  We had an excellent time cooking, eating, drinking and sharing our presents and laughs.  I'm so happy, and blessed, that our family has decided to combine as one, and celebrate the holiday all together, instead of separate.  It's really been a blast, this is the 3rd year we've combined the parents.

Grandma and Josh

Mom n Josh

Dad, Barb, Me, Josh

Since Christmas, I've spent all of my time with loved ones, dining and drinking mostly.  It's a social activity most people do when they want to meet someone or sit down and catch up.  So that's what I'm doing while I'm here; eating/drinking my way through Portland.  It's a real treat, there are no micrbrews on the island; and limited options for food, both dining out and in.

McMenamins Reunion

Shanyn and Dustin prepared a turkey (because I complained I missed out on Thanksgiving) and all the fixins for a get together with almost all of my girlfriends and their significants.  We had a blast, chatting, singing, laughing, eating and drinking.  I never tire of this great group of people.  We are a rich, fortunate bunch.

The Loveliest Ladies

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