Thursday, May 23, 2013


In exactly 17 days, I will be boarding a plane back to my homeland for a much-craved visit with my roots.

About 3 weeks ago, it finally hit me, and I was homesick.  After watching one of my best girlfriend's wedding ceremony via Facebook (THANK YOU Renee!)  And reading email after email about all of the exciting things happening in Portland this summer (Outdoor concerts, Wine tastings, Camping, Rivers & Lakes, more concerts, Dog parks, Green Grassy Parks, Festivals, BBQ's, etc)  Plus a little space of emptiness for all of my family and friends.  It hit me.  Smack in the face.  I think it may have even taken my breath away.

I figured I was in the clear, after 9 months of living in Roatan, 6 months of it solid.  I'm not sure when I expected it to hit, but I certainly didn't think it would take this long!  I admitted it to my mom first, who immediately told my brother, and then one of them I'm sure told my Dad as well; but it felt good to just be honest.  Typically, I would put on my big girl pants and pretend like everything is fine, because showing signs of weakness has never really been a forte of mine.

My brother started sending me messages about how terrible and cold and rainy Oregon is, and reminding me how long and miserable the winters are.  It helped a bit.  My mom on the other hand, started sending me pictures of my dog.  I think she was trying to show me what I have to look forward to when I'm home, but it didn't seem to help so much.  Dad didn't say much.  He tries not to unless solicited. (most of the time!)

So you can all guess what a letdown it was to hear I wouldn't be diving from awhile!
Update: The infection is STILL there, going on almost 2 weeks.  If it's not cleared up on showing positive signs of me back in the water next week, I will be going to the Dr.  I guess.  Let's hope I can at least fly, if nothing else!

But enough of the sad, wah wah wah's.  I'm going to tell you all what I'm looking forward to when I come home!!!

In no particular order:

Starbucks Green Tea Frappucino

Deschutes Brewery

SIP 47 (Oregon Wine Tour)

Mom & Kerry's back deck

Dad & Barb's Backyard


Coors Light Baby!

My Sweet, sweet Frye Boots!  Muah!

Enough Said.

Frozen Yogurt

Hillbilly Deluxe

Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee Latte coffee coffee coffee

The beautiful City of Portland

My little Lu Lu


Beautiful Scenery



  1. I'm looking forward to Trader Joe's when I get home (in 6 weeks!), but Jollies?!?! Hahahaha. That made me laugh and brought back memories of childhood.

    1. Yep Jill, Jollie's. It's a truck stop near where some friends of mine live. There's quite an interesting crowd that it draws, and good ole down home country music and dancin. I have to get my hillbilly fix!

  2. Oh, Trader Joe's, how I miss you so. Go as many times as you can and try all the free samples for me please :)


    1. I was actually thinking about hosting a party with only products from Trader Joe's. Do you think that's excessive?? ;)

    2. Um, no, not at all! Count me in :)