Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Anniversary! El Numero Tres

Where I'm going...

Country roads back home

If you were to have asked me that a week ago, I could have told you.
If you ask me that today, I have no idea.
If you ask me in 2 weeks, there is a chance I might know.

That is the way things seem to operate around here; and even though it's not always ideal, you adapt to your surroundings.  That's a life coping mechanism, we're born with it.

Adapting has its pros and cons too.  In some ways, I love that I've adapted to the laid back style of island life.  If something doesn't happen today, it will still be there tomorrow.  And most certainly the next day if something comes up.  I've always been a planner, and feel a little out of control when I don't at least have an idea of what's coming.  (I have to admit, I am pretty good at planning for things that most people don't think about, Which is why I managed a commercial construction office successfully for 8 years!; so when I try and let things flow, and something I could have planned for gets overlooked, I have a hard time accepting it.  )  BUT, I feel I've certainly improved my sense of urgency to have all hands on deck at all times.

Occasionally I fear that if I ever return to what we on the island call 'The Real World', what will happen then!?

Which brings up a another good skill I've learned; Worrying about the future.  I've always maintained that worrying about things you have no control over are simply a waste of time and energy.* Especially here.  Things are ever changing and adapting to the resources around us, and planning for something a month down the road is possibly the most wasted effort you can make.  Unless you plan it as a rough sketch with lots of room for change.
(*Note: A new page I've added to the main menu above, titled 'Sunscreen'*) 

Ok, ok.  So you get it.  Where I'm going is a loose term.  It's not easy to tell from one day to the next.  And Frankly, I've only tried to change the subject 1.2.3 times in the last 5 paragraphs.

When I thought about writing a 3 part post, I had it all set up in mind.  At the time, my marketing job was/is morphing into something a little different which I'm excited about.  It's taking longer than anticipated to iron out the final details, but when it's all done, I've been asked to start writing a bit more.  Some content writing and blogging for now.  I'm excited to start this to see where it might take me.  I'm ready for a new challenge here on the island.

As for the non-work life, Alex and I are doing really well.  We have taught each other a lot over the last few months; we're learning together a lot of things about growing up in different cultures.  It's not all bad, mostly good, even though it typically takes a disagreement of sorts to arrive at that conclusion.  We grow closer and stronger every time we do, so there's always a plus to the challenge at hand.  He has also revealed to me recently that he can cook!  The first couple of times I was a little scared, because he was just pulling things out of the cupboard with no real plan. (hear me?  no plan!?  ha!)  All I know, is as far as I'm concerned, the boy can cook all he wants without a plan, cuz it's delicious!

When our (opposite) schedules allow, we like to go diving together.  He is a fantastic diver with excellent buoyancy and air consumption, so I sometimes feel a bit nervous.  I have improved a ton since I first came here though, so the angst is getting better, and I worry less and less about my performance, and more about having fun under the water.  Diving with your partner can be kind of romantic sometimes.  I know it sounds strange, but it's just another form of adventure you both share with each other; except only with eye contact and hand gestures.  The rest of the time, you're just there, together, with a special bond between you.  A couple of weeks ago on a dive, he was messing with me, so I waited a few minutes before approaching him while his back was turned & grabbed his butt, (it's always a bit of a surprise when something touches you under water) just as I looked up to see someone trying to get our attention that they were leaving the group to surface with a student.  Oops! 

Underwater Photog. Update:  Yesterday was a big turning point for me; and I had the opportunity to take probably the most unique picture yet!  I'll leave you with a few shots of my recent 'sightings'.


Correction: NOT a jelly fish, but a Pelagic Tunicate.

Sharp Nose Puffer - I love their eyelashes and designs


Hermit Crab Thing

My friend Pete, visiting from Oregon

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  1. Isn't it funny how hard it is for us expats to learn to just roll with things? Seems to be taking me forever to learn that skill :) Also, great photos! Your jellyfish is a pelagic tunicate though ;)