Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy Anniversary! Part Deux

Part 2: What I am doing

You already know a lot about what I am doing here on the island.

Lounging on the beach, tanning and sipping umbrella drinks all day and attending swanky cocktail parties at the country club near the marina.  

Keeping up on my running and workout regimen that I worked so hard to discipline myself into following over the year prior to my departure.

Laying in a hammock strung between palm trees on the beach, 'working' on my laptop.

Learning that working from home is a LOT harder than it sounds.
Learning that it is actually possible to sweat profusely via my eyebrows and upper lip, even if I am a lady.
Learning that I love 'freezies' as much now and I did when I was a kid.
Learning the reason why the expats that have been here awhile don't warm up to me right away.  Because saying goodbye it not a fun fact of 'island life'.
Learning how to pick the good fruit off the fruit truck.
Learning that rushing for a taxi is silly.  It's never the last one.
Learning that I take a lot for granted.
Learning that every little tickle on my skin is NOT a bug.
Learning that living on an island is, well, not as glamorous as people think.
Learning that submerging myself in water and breathing canned air for an hour at a time is my 'happy place'.
Learning that I have a lot to learn!

I could go on... for days about the skills I'm gaining and the opportunities I've found within myself to grow.

As for making a living, I'm working with a Marketing firm as the on site liaison with the clients they have here on the island.  This has been a great way to meet people, and I am so thankful for having that perk. Especially when I first arrived and knew almost no one!!

When I'm not taking pictures at the resorts or coming up with marketing schemes to set them apart from their neighbors, I'm still working with my previous employer back home.  It's on an entirely different level than when I was managing the office, but it's great.  I will get to interact with the guys every now and again, and stay involved in the construction world, which I enjoy.

I try my hardest to balance work and fun, and not indulge in too much of either.  If I miss work hours during the week, I'm pretty hard on myself about making up the time before the weekend comes.  However, when an opportunity for a little fun in the sun arises, I try my best to make it work.  After all, that's why we're all here right?  To live the life you love!


  1. I love this Sarah! I still let everyone at home think I lay on the beach and drink monkey lalas all day... if they knew that I spend 50% of my day pushing tanks and dive gear around on the beach in wheelbarrows while sweating like a pig it wouldn't seem nearly so glamorous :)

    1. Rika, Even though I speak the truth, I don't think it phases their imaginary Sarah Life. That's okay though, somebody has got to do it!

  2. I sooo enjoy reading your blog. Think of you often, and really glad that the island life is helping you grow :-)
    Sending lots of love from me and John

    1. Jeanna! I'm so glad you are a dedicated reader ;) I love hearing from those of you who keep up on watching me try and adjust to this crazy place. If you're ever itching for a getaway, you know where to find me!