Thursday, October 11, 2012

Things I've learned in the last 4 weeks

When buying things you think look 'American', PAY ATTENTION.
Or you'll find yourself washing laundry in fabric softener instead of detergent.

Everyone you meet, knows someone else you know. 
Choose your words carefully, it may be a co worker, brother, aunt, ex, landlord, best friend...
Or call of the above.  YOU JUST NEVER KNOW.

When your planning to drink a Ginger Ale with your lunch, CHECK THE LABEL.
Port Royal beer can is the same exact color of green.

When the bartender wraps that little napkin around the top of the bottle, USE IT!
There are creepy crawly things that can get in your mouth if you don't.

Don't stalk more fresh food than you can eat in a couple of days.
If the power goes out for too long, it's all gone to waste.
(Luckily I haven't learned this one first hand)

That being said, when you're out of food, and going to the store is an impossible dream,
The occasional Ritz+Nutella entree is an acceptable meal replacement.  Complimented by red wine, of course.

NEVER go to the bathroom in the dark.  You may not be alone...
The geckos like to hang out in the cooler places too!

Bug bites on the elbow are terrible.
Bug bites on your palm are worse.

If you don't learn to load your internet the right way,
3 minutes will cost you $10. :(

DO NOT, under any circumstance, tell your best friend while skyping, you are missing Yumm Sauce.
ESPECIALLY when you're starving.  She will show it to you, and talk about it, read ALL the ingredients and tell you how delicious it is... until your mouth is watering and you find yourself drooling!


  1. funny girl - if you are stalking your fridge, you've got a serious mental health issue. i would much prefer you stock it :-)
    sorry, i couldn't hold back on that one.

    i would say "enjoy your weekend", but your weekdays sound an awful lot like weekends!

  2. This one is too funny sarah!!! LMAO

  3. Just proves you're never too old to learn something new...AND useful!