Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shipping to Roatan!!!

Alright folks.  You would think that this kind of mystery would be a bit easier to solve.  The thing is, on the island, things have their own way of working.  So often times, you must do your research, talk to more than one person and gather facts from there. 

That being said, I've been asking around for the best way to ship things to the island.  Most people subscribe to a PO box with a Miami address, which then routes to the island.  This makes more sense for business owners who are purchasing goods.  Someone like me, doesn't really need a regular PO box.

RAS Xpress offers service of shipping from the US, to the island for letters and packages.  I think that along with my phone # and email address, they would be able to notify me when the pkg arrives.  My phone # in Honduras is (504) 9779-8045 and email is

If you need ideas of what to send, just ask.  I've been keeping a little list ;)

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