Saturday, June 28, 2014

Where OH Where

Has all the time gone??

I've become the blogger everyone despises.  Myself included.

The one that writes interesting stories, and gets its readers engaged.  Posts great first hand photos and begins to peak interests of those slightly curious of the writer's make believe, or in my case, real believe stories.  And then disappears.

No excuse, no explanation, just vanished.  Without warning, I let you all down.  Some of you know why, others may not be particularly interested in the details.  Regardless, I won't waste time apologizing, because frankly, I'm not all that sorry.  I took a hiatus from a lot of things in life, and it felt damn good!

A few months ago, I found myself drowning in freelance work up the wazoo!  I really enjoy networking, and even more the fact that often times the work and people find me.  It's a good feeling to have earned the reputation I've worked hard for.  But as the old saying goes, 'When it rains, it pours' and I found myself working 7 days a week just to try and keep up with all the projects I had taken on.  I was overwhelmed, over worked, tired, missing out on fun things with friends and becoming short tempered with people around me.  That part didn't feel so good.

So, as I often do when things no longer seem to be flowing quite right in my world, I sat back and identified the root of the problem that was leading to all of the things I just mentioned.  It was clearly too much work and not enough fun!  2 years ago I made the decision to leave the life of high stress and working myself to the bone, for a simpler life in a simpler place and I was letting it slip away.  I made a plan and figured out how to wrap up the projects I had going and narrowed down the ones I would continue with to a more manageable and logical load.

It was a good thing I did it when I did, because what happened next blew my mind...


  1. Good for you, glad you took a break when you needed it and life is looking brighter :)

  2. It's good to slow it down from time to time. Now, I"m back at it again!