Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How many shoes do YOU have?

A few months ago, I was walking home from a local restaurant and pool up behind my house, after a lovely Sunday Funday/Day Off.  There were tons of locals gathered at the small soccer field back behind the property where I live.

I had seen the team once before, a couple of months prior, playing at a different field.  I remember them distinctly, as the team was all girls between the ages of 13-18 I would have to guess, all wearing nothing close to 'soccer attire'.  Most were wearing 'Keds' style shoes, some wore 'Croc' style shoes while others wore just socks and at least one of them wore only her bare feet.  Obviously they weren't wearing jerseys, pennys or shin guards either.

So when the guys around the netted dirt spot recruited me to play, pleading that one team was short a player, I looked down at my feet, which were sporting a cushy new pair of flip flops I'd ordered online and had someone bring to me in their luggage, looked back up at Cesar, the only one of the bunch I knew, and hesitated because I knew I could NOT say no!!!  If these girls can play in socks and bare feet, I'll manage in flip flops and soaking wet pool hair/clothes!

It was a blast, I immediately had a cheering section amongst the rest of the ladies playing the pickup game.  There didn't seem to be a lot of logic or strategy, which brought back memories of my Freshman Year of high school, where our team sucked so bad we took rocked the rep like we owned it.  Party girls with attitudes, smoking before practice, getting rides home from our graduated boyfriends,  and skipping school despite the fact our coach threatened to bench us every week.

The important part, for any of us, high school or Honduran, is that we had fun and it felt good.  The lessons that high school sports and team sports instilled in me is priceless.  It taught me how to work together, how to work hard and how to stick with it and not give up.

I didn't realize that it would affect me many years later, but in such a different way.  Hearing of kids and adults playing on uneven fields in the slums is something most of us only hear about, or see in the movies.  Though when you are faced with the conditions in real life, everything changes.  At that moment, I decided to change too.  I live in a country where many, many people face challenges each and every day that we (First World Citizens) take for granted.  Shoes is certainly one of them!!

I'm asking for help.  Not money.  Simply you taking the time to check your own closet, your kids' closets, your garage or mud room.  Perhaps that 'Goodwill' pile in the corner.  Mention it to a friend, neighbor or family member too.  All you have to do is put them in the mail.  Flat rate shipping can cost as low as $5.  I'll take care of the rest.

So please, take 10 minutes to gather adults and kid's sport shoes (tennis shoes, cleats, etc) and send them my way.  Your goodwill and generosity will surely put a smile on someone's face, and teach a lesson to last a lifetime.

Mail your gently used or new shoes of all sizes, colors and styles to:

SARAH H. DB# 462
1335 NW 98TH COURT UNIT# 9
DORAL, FL 33172 

Monday, Dec 16th, 2013 I received the first donation of shoes from an amazing group in Houston, Texas.  It's so exciting seeing the idea of giving in action!



  1. I'm almost ready to send my first box of shoes, uniforms, etc to you. I'm waiting on a few more people to give me their donations and I'll be mailing out a package soon!

  2. You are such a wonderful person Sarah!!!! I will certainly check tonight and start to ask people. I am so happy to help in any way!

  3. Wow Sarah! What a great thing you are doing. If I can I will see if I can fit anything in Megan's suitcase. I think she leaves tomorrow

  4. You are all amazing, thanks for the support! If you are in Oregon and don't want to pay shipping to FL, I have a friend coming in Feb who has offered to bring them with him. He lives in Portland near my mom, and works downtown. So whatever is more convenient for you :)