Sunday, December 8, 2013

Black Nativity?

It wasn't until we sat in the front row of the Church of God in Coxen Hole, and I read over the program, did I understand that 'Black Nativity' was not an island self-deprecating illustration, but a performance based on the original Broadway show, in the early 60's.

I grew up in a large church, with thousands of attendees, and each year the church put on a monstrous Christmas program for weeks leading up to the holiday.  It was called 'The Singing Christmas Tree', and it 'twas, a life size singing Christmas tree which towered over 100 feet in the air, with rows and rows... and rows of singers.  I searched for archives, and didn't find much, but here is an image of what we're dealing with.

The production was huge, and amazing.  In addition to the singing, it featured 2 hours of skits, sing-alongs, real live livestock, actors, lights, cameras, angels, live baby Jesus and prayer.  Even as kids, we arrived hours before the performance to meet an appointment in the makeup studio and the costume dept.  What a production!

I have many, many fond memories of this impressive collaboration, and find myself wishing I could watch it now, as I'm not certain the participants ever saw a complete performance.

Anyway, my childhood memories peaked my curiosity of the Black Nativity play here on the island.  Alex kindly obliged, and agreed he too, was looking  forward to see what was in store.

Fabulous Choir

One of the highlights of the show!  Cutest sheep ever!!

Shepards bantering

Entire Cast, sans sheep

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