Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Funday

It didn't take long to catch on to the fact that Sunday is a day of rest on this island.  Well, of course you are thinking, it's an island!  Of course you're resting!  But in fact, this island bustles with some of the hardest working people I've ever seen.

A typical work week here is 6 days a week, and well over 40 hours.  It doesn't matter who we're talking about; a cook in a restaurant, a bartender, dive instructor, mechanic, bakery, grocery store, hair dresser, repairman, taxi driver, everyone works their asses off.  So when Sunday rolls around, the streets wake up later, and many businesses don't wake up at all.  Granted, this is still a tourist destination, so there's always going to be your bar, mini mart, hotel, dive shop, etc.  Families and friends come from ALL OVER the island to spend time together at the beach, or some relaxing spot where they kick back and enjoy the day they've worked so hard to earn.

I love seeing the kids run together on the beach squealing and laughing, playing crazy games only they understand.  Mothers sitting back in the shade taking it all in, while the men are congregated off it the distance slurping cold Salva Vidas in a can, or up the beach playing a game of soccer.

For awhile, after I moved to Roatan, my work was mostly part time, and very flexible, so I had more than one 'Sunday' if I chose to do so.  It wasn't until recently, when I came back from my visit to the states, that my responsibilities increased, and I've found myself working 6 days a week, just like everyone else.  Sundays are now a cherished day for me as well, and I love every minute of them!

This morning I woke up early and decided to pay my living room hammock a visit.  I love the room in the mornings when the sunlight is peering in through the trees, and the birds are chirping along with the roosters.  This morning even had a sweet floral smell sweeping through the air from time to time.  There are SO many fruits and flowers blooming here, it's not uncommon to smell sweet scents  drifting in the warm air.

Next I headed to the dive shop for a special dive I've been looking forward to.  I even had a dream about it last night!  (I dreamt I forgot my gear, and when the boat arrived at the site, I realized I couldn't go!)  We got to watch this magical swarm of little silver fish, called Silver Sides, dance around in the sunlight.  There were millions of them, darting to and fro by the thousands.  I swam through them over and over, taking pictures and and videos, and swimming straight through them, just to watch them dance from place to place like and orchestra.  The Silver Sides aren't here year round, only for a few weeks of the year, and then they move on, or get eaten, I'm not sure which.

After the dive, my friend Krystal and I decided it was time for a burger and headed down the street to Sundowners Beach Bar's Sunday BBQ.  We sat and chatted with acquaintances and each other, watching the people, kids, scooters and dogs go by.

Next stop, a dip in the Infinity pool.  I met a couple more girlfriends at the resort's pool for a dip and some sun.  We chatted about how our weeks had been, discussed plans for the upcoming days &  months and planned a going away party for one of them. <insert sad face HERE!!>

Afterwards, we headed home on our scooters, cruising along slow enough to take in the beautiful view from the hill tops, warm air blowing in our faces.  At some points on the drive from West Bay to West End, you can see the ocean on both sides of the island.  When the sun starts to head west, it lights up the ocean and makes it looks so smooth and glossy and calm.  The leaves in the trees reflected the golden light and it actually felt like Fall.  Something I've been ready to welcome, with OPEN arms, for the last month.  Rainy Season is nearing, and it can't come soon enough for this Oregonian girl!

Now back in my hammock, right where I started my day, the sun set hours ago and there's lightning lighting up the sky and a little thunder rumbling off in the distance.  Rain isn't far away.

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