Monday, October 28, 2013

Bella Gypsy Goodies

Yesterday, my lovely friend and island comrade, Rika, posted a link on my Facebook page to this little gem:
 Women who live on rocks

A third of the way in to the post she had shared, titled 'The 5 Tourists you will meet in the Caribbean', I was hooked and spent the next several hours into the wee hours of (this) morning, filling my mind full of island woman dwelling story goodness. I felt like I was addicted to a 'Sex and the City' marathon, or as of late, that would be 'Orange is the New Black' marathon.

Reading stories of fellow women, living on rocks, offers such a sense of relief, as well as something I can relate to. Consistent power outages, fruitless treks to town, boob sweat, mosquito insanity and resident house guests, most of them not invited, but gladly welcomed lizards and geckos.

And of course, other cool things like memorable scuba diving adventures, and DIY How To's. I have to admit, I was a bit jealous reading about making window shades when she mentioned the part about dropping by Home Depot!

Take a peak for yourself, you'll be glad you did.  And hopefully... you will find me contributing one day as well!

One more little gem I'd like to share with you;
Worldette Playlist.  It's downright fabulous.

They've done a brilliant job putting these together. I just love the variety, culture and mood for each playlist. I'm listening to one now, and have enjoyed having them around to make my kitchen workspace a bit more upbeat now and again.

Now, back to work.



  1. How great is that site!! I read the entire thing last night. I'm going to be contributing starting next week, I already emailed her. So good!!