Monday, September 30, 2013

Toss It Up

One thing I have constantly struggled with here on the island is establishing any sort of routine. Not that I've ever been a major routine person, which in this case is sort of good, but we're talkin like ANY routine practically.

Grocery store trips are never consistent for silly reasons like something came up, a dive extended due to whale shark sighting which automatically without question means we're chasing it, a meeting went too long, it got dark at 6pm AGAIN today (errr, 365 days a year). Morning runs are almost never consistent mainly for the fact that I am NOT a morning person, and some days I just can't fathom peeling my eyes open in order to run before the temperature rises and threatens heat stroke if you were to run in it. Plus, the tide is all wrong to get around the rocks after about 7:20. It seems as though no matter how hard I try and pay my rent on time, the ATM knows it's due, and goes out for 3-4 days. Meeting friends at a specific time is always an 'ish', partly due to island time, and partly due to running into 33.5 people you know between point A and point B. I could go on, but you get the point.

My life is a never ending toss up. The sooner I accepted this, the easier it was to adjust.

So when my friend Wendy told me we had to use the airport ATM before going to my 'surprise birthday adventure, I didn't really question her. But the next thing that happened I did not expect... My MOTHER standing on the curb with a suitcase and balloons! Wooo hoooo!!! SURPRISE!!!!! She came to visit me for my 32nd birthday! Her timing couldn't have been more stellar, as I've been a little off kilter lately. Missing new and old friends, Oregon Fall and my puppy too. I still can't believe how many people knew about her planned visit and ALL kept it a secret. Impressive!

After we returned to my side of the island, there was another surprise. My friends had arranged to let Alex in my house, and he proceeded to clean the kitchen and cook an awesome birthday dinner for us. It was GREAT!

We had a fabulous week, juggling fun and work and getting in the sun when we could squeeze it in. She even timed it right to get in on a girls night, and day trip to Cayos Cochinos AND the Ceviche Competition in West Bay. (Uh-mazing Ceviche!!) We made yummy breakfasts and stayed up too late watching movies in bed. It was hard to say goodbye at the airport, and an even harder coupler of days afterwards, but it was worth it. Her surprise visit was the BEST birthday present EVER!!


  1. I didn't know you guys went to Cayos!! I was so happy when you texted me that the birthday surprise was your mom. No wonder Wendy wouldn't tell me, I'm terrible at secrets haha!

  2. Ha ha! Good thing she didn't tell you, I love surprises!