Monday, November 18, 2013

She's In Tears...

As you know, Sundays are my favorite day on the island.  A day of rest we take for ourselves, to do only what we want.  Spoil ourselves with simple guilty pleasures, like hammock lounging till noon, lazy afternoon dives with friends, mimosas on the beach, special cooking or catching up with friends and family back home.  The energy in the air is epic.  I wish I could capture a picture of it to share, but it's a feeling not a sight.

After a perfect boat trip for lunch in a little fishing village with friends yesterday, a late evening meal full of Thai coconut, lemongrass and spice, topped off by a night of friends, fun, buckets of beer and late night disco lights... I woke up feeling well rested with an incredibly overwhelming feeling of pure happiness and joy spilling out of my heart.  It brought me to tears.

Chit chatting with my parents simultaneously over Facebook, while day dreaming about the fun I'd been having with my guest over the past week, thinking about the beauty of my Scuba diving addiction & all of the people who are addicts with me, feeling the love and warmth from the people I have befriended over the last year who bring me lots of smiles, laughter and comfort, the simplicity of the life here and the beauty that surrounds it and it's people, endless amounts of generosity and goodwill, lush landscapes exploding with vibrant color every day of the year, fun filled adventures... and the list goes on and on.

I may not have much in the way of possessions anymore, but if you asked me to give it all away again, for this feeling of pure & honest happiness, I wouldn't so much as blink an eye...

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