Friday, June 28, 2013


Days.  That's how many days I have been on the 'Big Island'.

I'm loving every last minute of it, and am sad that my departure is creeping closer and closer.

It does, however, boggle my mind when I reflect on what all I have accomplished while I've been home.  Let's see if I can recap the majority at least!

Drinks with friends

Welcome home BBQ down south
Dad's Birthday/Retirement/Father's Day celebration

Connected with blasts from the pasts
Drinks with friends
Attempt shopping.  Fail!!

Apple store experience
Search for loose leaf tea all over town
Lunch with Scuba friends to reminisce about the island
Host a dinner party- including explosive asparagus soup all over myself
Drinks with more friends
Quick cruise to Seattle Embassy

Connect with old room mates in Tacoma
Drinks with friends
Attempt shopping again
Rodeo weekend
Movie at the cinema
Dog Park
Office day - just to remind myself why I don't work in one
Lunch with a former co worker, to remind me why I miss that office occasionally
Wine tasting with Mama

Gin Rummy Tournament with Mom & K 

Celebrate Alli's birthday 

Drinks with friends
Hiking Council Crest

1st Harley ride 

Pack to judge the suitcase situation
Drinks with more friends
Annual Camping Trip with the girls
Drinks with friends...

Needless to say I've gotten zero exercise and have drank and eaten part of my way through the Pacific NW.  It's been a wonderful visit.  I can't wait to get down to California and see if I can find Oprah!

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  1. Wow, you're getting a lot done!! Glad to hear you're having fun but you are missed on the rock :) xo