Sunday, June 16, 2013

I'm Free!!

Just a quick note to share with you all that I arrived safe and sound in Portland late Monday night.  Mom was there waiting, I'm not sure which of us was more excited!

She and Kerry had an impressive cheese platter and Oregon wine waiting when I walked in the door.  Raylie was MUCH more excited to see me this time than the last.  Man I love that little girl.  (My doggie)

Since my arrival, it's been a bit of a blur.  But a happy, joyful and fun one.  I've gotten to connect with friends and family from all over.  My brother has even been in town since we're celebrating Dad's 60th Birthday and Retirement!  What a treat!

I won't be updating much for awhile I don't think.  I'm too consumed by the endless opportunities for FUN!  So, until then, keep an eye on my 'Musings' to the right of my blog, I'll be posting snip its of my whereabouts during my travels.

I'm glad I'm not even a week into my stay, because there is still SO MUCH more I want to do and see and people to visit!

I feel like a billionaire...

Starbucks Double Fistin
See: Seventeen

My Brother and I @ the brewery
My BEAUTIFUL girlfriends

Even the bank puts 'a bird on it'

Laughing about the downpour I was just walking in

You know you're from Portland when...
One of my favorites!!

The first of many...
Thanks to Omero Cellars

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