Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Are you for... SCUBA?

You know, SCUBA?  That thing that lead me to eventually quit my job, trade in my city life & move to a 'lil island in the Caribbean?

Oh yeah, THAT!

Some of you may have forgotten Scuba is what first lead me to Roatan, because I'm often times busy posting about other travels and hobbies of mine.

To be fair, sometimes I forget too.

So I go for a dive to refresh my (terrible) Dory-like memory!

So, without further ado, allow me to present to you; A tiny glimpse of my Underwater Paradise . . .

Home Sweet Home

Caribbean Style Rose

My brother and his girlfriend, so happy to be sharing a new sport!


World's Best DiveMaster!

Brother & Kam

Certification Class

Pete is my friend from Portland,  He comes to dive every year
Moon Jelly

Randomly randoms, West End Divers

End of a beautiful day on the water

Exploring the East End of the island

Cave much?


Caribbean Reef Squid  -  These guys are a lot of fun to watch

Spotted Eagle Ray pair

Weightless is great!

French Angelfish

Lettuce Leaf Sea Slug;  about 3" long

Lionfish, a predator.  We eat these guys as much as possible, They are not welcome here!

Scorpion Fish

My bro and I after he got his OW Certification!
I've always wondered...

Flamingo Tongue

Hi Mickey!  Never leave home without your camera...   Visit http://www.caribbeanreeflife.com/ to find out why!

I love all the colors and textures on the reef

Beautiful Barrell Sponge

I couldn't be happier!

Ellie, posing for the camera!

Merry Christmas!  2013
Underwater grave

Stay tuned for more underwater updates! 

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