Friday, September 26, 2014

Island Hopping, Bali Style

After a few glorious days spent spoiling myself with breathtaking dawn dives and happy hour ocean views from the hotel's infinity pool, it was time to move on.  This time, I set out to a new island, with plans to meet Krystal and her travel partner, both friends from Roatan.

The weather was beautiful and the ocean was very calm on the fast boat transfer to Gili Trawangan, where I found myself standing on the back of the boat almost the entire ride, taking in the beautiful sites and sounds, while occasionally checking the boat's wake for Dolphins ;)

Bali from the ferry

Ferry Fastboat.  There were 4 passengers total.  and 3 Crewmen.

The best 'seat' in the house

Gili Trawangan Welcomes You!

The 'Taxi'

Looking towards Lombok

At the dock we were greeted by our 'taxi' drivers, who carried our luggage up the walkway to their horse drawn buggy-ish thing.  There are no cars on Gili Trawangan, just horses and bicycles.  I figured it must be safe-ish, as the horse carts were flying up and down the cobble and dirt roads carrying tourists, produce, construction supplies, you name it!  I held on for dear life, and the cart tilted back a bit, and just felt quite un-natural to say the least!  It wasn't 5 minutes into the journey down the road, when I heard a familiar voice call my name from inside one of the beachfront restaurants.  Krystal and Matt had arrived the day prior.  I lifted my grip just long enough to flash a wave, before it went right back to hanging on for dear life!

It was great to be back in the water with Krystal and Matt, who are both dive buddies of mine from Roatan.  Krystal and I share a lot of fun together, while Matt resides mostly in London.  We sampled some of the local fare, went on a few leisurely dives, and spent a wonderful evening at their outdoor villa, complete with a private pool and waterfall!

Matt & Krystal's Villa
Private pool complete with waterfall!

Sunset Happy Hour anyone?

Beachfront Dining

The island was packed full of dive shops, beach front restaurants, hotels & villas, boutiques and spas.  Krystal was kind enough to challenge me to join her for an Asian style pedicure, ie: tiny sucker fish all over your feet!!!  If you know me personally, than you know that I have an extremely difficult time with my sensitive feet, pedicures and really anything touching them at all.  You also know that I rarely turn down a challenge.  Thank god there are pictures to prove I went through with it!

We put on quite a show...

People stopped to watch

Our rendezvous in the Gilis flew by much to fast, it was a bittersweet goodbye.  Luckily, I'd see Krystal again in a few short weeks back in Roatan.

Next Stop: Nusa Lembongan

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