Tuesday, November 6, 2012

19 Lempiras = 1 Dollar

Lots of people ask if it's cheap to live in Honduras, and how much 'things cost'.

There is no simple way to answer that question, ESPECIALLY given the fact we are on an island, in a third world country.  Things on the island come with a price. You have to consider the fact that almost everything that is here, is imported by boat.It's always a surprise as to how much something is going to cost, due to the fact it's almost 100% import. 

There really is not much production here, aside from a few small vendors; the farm that grows vegetables and herbs supplies all the market's lettuce, the man who makes Rum called Pirate's Grog, the women who cook in their home kitchen and backyard ovens to sell to people on the street, Marble Hill farm who makes marmelades and jellies.  The other day, I bought home made honey in the store, that was bottled in a recycled Rum bottle.  I learned that way to tell if it's pure, and the slower the bubble rises when you hold it upside down, the better quality it is... Talk about buying local!  ha ha

So let's see here; 
5 gallon jug of water 35 lps or $1.20
1 pineapple 30 lps or $1.10
Decent pillow, set of (2)  500 lps or $25
Taxi to the grocery store 40 lps or $2
Bottle of  wine 160 lps or $8
Beer (Local) $2
Cocktail $3
Box of cereal, depends on brand 35-120 lps  or $1.25 - $7
4 Chicken breasts 200 LPS or $10
Pkg of sliced swiss 115 lps or $6
Internet 500 lps/month or $25
Cell phone seems to vary, depending on how often you make calls, which carrier you are calling to or recieving from, etc.  Calls to the states cost me about 4-5 cents/min
Scuba Dive + gear rental between average is around $30/dive with gear
Smoothie $  Yummmmmm  $  who cares!

Rent (1 bedroom basic kitchen & bathroom) $375, includes electricity which is big

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  1. Very interesting, Sarah. Even if something costs a bit more there, just think of the VIEW that "goes with" - I think that would enhance my taste buds, big time - especially smoothies! Is there run in that?? Yum......