Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hot August Nights (and Days!)

It's the hottest time of year in Roatan.  In the summer months preceding rainy season, and just at the peak of hurricane season, arrives hot, HUMID temperatures.  The kind that make you sweat even at the thought of getting dressed or preparing a meal.  So we cook naked.

Ha ha, ok, not naked, but with the littlest amount of clothing possible.  Not sure about some of the others, but my house is still surrounded by screens, although I'm fairly confident there is not many direct paths to see into my place, there's still a chance.  Last week I started cleaning the house, and it wasn't long before I was in my bikini, sweeping.  Pants, and often times even shorts, are a thing of the past.  I wear shorts in public, that is it.

By early evening, it's typical to feel rather unattractive and a bit helpless about the situation.  There is little sense in showering, unless you plan to stay in for the night, and make little to no movement that would encourage your body to sweat.  Because it will.

Fashion goes right down the toilet here.  Everyone understands.  It's frickin hot.  No one cares when you wear the same shorts and tank top 2 days in a row, because it means 1 of 3 things;

1) It's hot, and this particular outfit is the ONLY thing in your closet that allows you comfort (while
 in public) so you wear it.  Again and again.  Who cares.

2) You took your laundry to the 'laundry lady' and either forgot to pick it up before she closed, or couldn't get off work in time to beat closing time.  And she has all of your clothes.

3) See #1.

Anyhow, it gets worse.  Try a workout in Roatan!

Before I moved to Roatan, I was feeling spread a little thin, between a very demanding job, and very energetic canine-child and a fairly demanding social calendar and a necessity to exercise myself too!  Even with my mom popping by once or twice a week to pick up the dog, I still couldn't juggle it all.  At first I started taking the soccer ball to the park, trying to dribble and work on chipping and keep away from the dog.  But that was short lived, I wasn't even raising my heart rate enough to negate a Coors Light.  So I sucked it up and did it.  I went jogging.  It seemed like the ONLY solution to get both of our blood pumping enough to serve a purpose.  (Trouble was I could barely walk in the front door, and she was just getting started)  I think though, that she respected my efforts, and complied like the little lady that she is, understanding and willing to please.  Aw, Love that little girl!

Eventually my good friend Mindy caught wind of this secret endeavor of mine, to try and traipse through the concrete jungle of strip malls, schools and apartment complexes in my neighborhood in search of a decent workout for the pup and I, and promptly cornered me into committing to a 5k.  HOLY SHIT.  But fun.  Portland's Shamrock Run is a legend, and everyone has done it at some point, so why not??  It's fun, everything in Portland is fun!  Who wouldn't want to run around the closed off streets of downtown in a tutu and pig tails?

Needless to say... you wouldn't find she or I in tutus and pigtails, but we did sport a few Shamrocks, Green jerseys and eye shadows, just so we didn't stand out ;)

Thanks for Mindy, Raylie and I found a great new outlet for our energy and even recruited others to join our newest adventure.  The next race Mindy and I, along with an fantastic group of co workers and friends, participated in the 8k Bridge to Brews.  Reason 999,999 why Portland, Oregon ROCKS. 
We Loooooove our bridges and we looooooooove our brews!

Looooong story short, needless to say, I fell off the wagon when I relocated closer to the equator last September, and can barely stand walking, let along running, anywhere, ever.  Thanks to a routinely dedicated (6 am door-slamming) fellow runner/room mate, my awareness for running has been, well, let's call it 'revived'.  However, unless you enjoy the feeling of being on the verge of a heat stroke, heart attack and oxygen deprivation all-at-the-same-time; you must finish your run before 8 am.  And generally you come out looking like this:  hot, tired, smelly, sweaty, but feeling accomplished.  But mostly just REALLY really sweaty.

On the brighter side; my skin is very healthy and pores and the cleanest they've ever need!  I'm beginning to find my rhythm again, which really took starting from scratch since the elements (sand) are so different (heat) and my trusty running partner (Raylie) is back in the states.  It feels great!  I even chuckle to myself from time to time, that I'm getting my morning exercise on the beach in the Caribbean.  Really????  Really.


  1. You are insane. You couldn't pay me to run here!! I sweat like that just walking from my house to my scooter...I feel like that should count as a workout.

  2. Rika, I think that definitely counts!

  3. Ugh, I really need a better running routine again but I can't drag myself out of bed that early! You're impressive. I will try to be more like you from now on :)

  4. the only exercise I could do routinely in Florida was INSIDE. A/C was a must. You are brave (already knew that) and obviously determined (knew that too).
    You go girl!!!